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  Course Consultation – Synthetics    
MA00802  Mathematics for Design  Versión en Español
Creditable course by proficiency test
CIP:  270101  Mathematics, General.
C - L - U: 3 - 0 - 8       
Programs: 1 LDI00, 1 LDI04
Prerequisites: ( MA00801 )
Equivalences: MA99802
Course objective:
Functions, limits, derivatives, curve tracing, trigonometric functions, problems of greatest common factor and least common multiple, logarithmic functions, inverse functions, definitive and indefinite integrals, exponential and hyperbolic. Application of these topics in design. Notions of Euclidean geometry , spherical geometry and geometry fractal.
Suggested Bibliography:

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Academic credentials required to teach the course:
    · Areas in which the academic degree is required (do not refer names of programs):

Master Degree in the area of Engineering; Master Degree in Physics; Master Degree in Mathematics; Doctoral Degree in the area of Engineering; Doctoral Degree in Physics; Doctoral Degree in Mathematics
CIP: 14, 400801, 270101

    · Recommended Experience:

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