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  Course Consultation – Synthetics    
MA00813  Statistics for the Social Science  Versión en Español
CIP:  270101  Mathematics, General.
C - L - U: 3 - 0 - 8       
Programs: 1 LCC00, 2 LCC03, 2 LCC04, 1 LMI03, 1 LMI04, 1 LPL03, 1 LPL04, 1 LRI03, 1 LRI04
Prerequisites: ( MA00801 )
Equivalences: MA00822, MA1008, MA95822, MA99813, MA99822
Course objective:
To foster in the student the capacity to organize and summarize data, as well as to teach him the way to make decisions when he/she has a great quantity of data, only by examining a small part of them. To familiarize the student with the concept of variability. To consider Statistics as a science in which the development, method application and collection techniques, analysis and interpretation of quantitative data in a social research is led in such a way that the reliability of the conclusions based on these data should be evaluated objectively by means of probabilistic laws.
Suggested Bibliography:
* Bluman, Allan G., Elementary statistics : a brief version / Allan G. Bluman., , Boston : McGraw-Hill, c2000., , , ,

* Johnson, Robert Russell, Just the essentials of elementary statistics, 2a. Ed., Brooks/Cole Pub. Co., , 1999, ,

Academic credentials required to teach the course:
    · Areas in which the academic degree is required (do not refer names of programs):

Master Degree in Statistics; Master Degree in Physics; Master Degree in Mathematics; Doctoral Degree in Statistics; Doctoral Degree in Physics; Doctoral Degree in Mathematics
CIP: 270501, 400801, 270101

    · Recommended Experience:

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