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  Course Consultation – Synthetics    
TC1003  Discrete Mathematics  Versión en Español
Course in which it’s recommended to incorporate the use of information technologies.
CIP:  110101  Computer and Information Sciences, General.
C - L - U: 3 - 0 - 8       
Programs: 1 IEC05, 1 ISC05, 1 ISE05, 1 ISI05, 2 ITC05, 1 ITE05, 1 ITIC05, 1 LAD07, 1 ITIC08, 1 ITE08, 2 ITC08, 2 ISC08, 1 IEC08, 1 ITC09, 1 ISC09, 1 LAD11, 1 ITC11, 1 ISC11, 1 ITIC11
Prerequisites: ( MA1001 Corequisite or MA1001 )
Equivalences: CB00842
Course objective:
Upon completion of this course, students will be able to reason in a rigorous and formal manner using the tools of formal logic, use induction as a method of reasoning and proof, and use graphs as a way to model data structures.
Suggested Bibliography:
* Johnsonbaugh, R, Discrete Mathematics, 6, Pearson Prentice Hall, , 2009, ,
* Grimaldi, R. P, Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics, 5, Addison Wesley, , 2013, ,
* Epp, Susanna S., Discrete mathematics with applications, 3rd ed., Belmont, CA : Thomson-Brooks/Cole, California, 2004, eng, [0534359450 (papel no ácido)],[9780534359454 (papel no ácido)],[0534490964 (ed. de estudiante internacional)],[9780534490966 (ed. de estudiante internacional)]

* Rosen, Kenneth H., Discrete mathematics and its applications, 6th ed., Boston : McGraw-Hill, Massachusetts, 2007, eng, [9780072880083],[0072880082],[9780071244749],[0071244743]

Academic credentials required to teach the course:
    · Areas in which the academic degree is required (do not refer names of programs):

Master Degree in Computational Sciences; Master Degree in Computer/Information Sciences; Master Degree in Electrical Engineering/ Electronics and Communications; Master Degree in Mathematics; Master Degree in Computational Mathematics; Doctoral Degree in Computational Sciences; Doctoral Degree in Computer/Information Sciences; Doctoral Degree in Electrical Engineering/ Electronics and Communications; Doctoral Degree in Mathematics; Doctoral Degree in Computational Mathematics
CIP: 110701, 110101, 141001, 270101, 270303

    · Recommended Experience:

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