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  Course Consultation – Synthetics    
TI3010  Knowledge Management  Versión en Español
CIP:  521201  Management Information Systems, General.
C - L - U: 3 - 0 - 8       
Programs: 8 LATI02, 8 LSCA05, 7 LATI08, 1 CIE09, 2 CIE14
Prerequisites: None.
Equivalences: SI00887
Course objective:
The student will be capable of establishing strategies, manage conditions, and evaluate the results of processes, practices, and tools, for the development, flow and assimilation of individual and organizational knowledge.
Suggested Bibliography:

* Tissen, René Johannes, El valor del conocimiento : para aumentar el rendimiento en las empresas, 1a ed., Madrid : Prentice Hall, Spain, 2000, spa, [8420530220]
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* Liebowitz, Jay, Knowledge management handbook, , Boca Raton, Flu. : CRC Press, Florida, 1999, eng, [0849302382 (papel alcalino)]
* Liebowitz, Jay, Knowledge organizations : what every manager should know, , Boca Raton, FL : St. Lucie Press, , 1998, , [1574441965 (papel alc.)]
* Borghoff , Uwe, Information technology for knowledge management, , Berlin ; New York : Springer, Germany, West, 1998, eng, [3540637648]

Academic credentials required to teach the course:
    · Areas in which the academic degree is required (do not refer names of programs):

Master Degree in Information Systems Management; Master Degree in Computer/Information Sciences; Master Degree in Information Technology.; Doctoral Degree in Information Systems Management; Doctoral Degree in Computer/Information Sciences; Doctoral Degree in Information Technology.
CIP: 521201, 110101, 110103

    · Recommended Experience:

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