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IC B.S. Civil Engineering (Spanish)
IC B.S. Civil Engineering
Program and Learning Outcomes
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Graduate Requirements
B.S. Civil Engineering
( Edition 2011 )
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Begin Fall 2011
To consult previous plan.

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Remedial Semester 
Code CLU
F1001Introduction to Physics308
H1001Remedial English I508
H1002Remedial English II508
H1003Remedial English III508
H1004Remedial English IV508
H1005Remedial English V508
H1015Spanish Composition508
MA1001Introduction to Mathematics6016
TC1001Introduction to Computer Science308
First Semester 
Code CLU
CV1004Introduction to Civil Engineering304
F1002Physics I318
H1016Foreign Language508
MA1015Mathematics I308
TC1017Problem Solving with Programming (Course with project)308
Second Semester 
Code CLU
AR1017Computer-aided Drawing308
DS1003Natural Sciences and Sustainable Development (Course with project)308
F1003Physics II318
H1040Analysis and Verbal Expression508
MA1017Mathematics II308
Q1004Chemistry Laboratory034
Third Semester 
Code CLU
CV2022Geomatics Laboratory034
CV2023Materials and Construction Procedures I308
CV2024Structure Mechanics I308
F1005Electricity and Magnetism (Course with project)318
H1018Ethics, Self and Society308
MA2009Mathematics III308
MA2010Differential Equations308
Fourth Semester 
Code CLU
AR2021Construction Materials and Procedures II308
CV2025Structure Mechanics II308
H2001Verbal Expression in the Workplace308
HS2000Humanities and Fine Arts308
M2025Numerical Methods in Engineering (Course with project)308
MA1006Probability and Statistics308
Fifth Semester 
Code CLU
CV2006Construction Materials Laboratory034
CV2007Soil Mechanics Lab034
CV2010Soil Mechanics308
CV2026Structural Systems308
EM1005Entrepreneurship (Course with project)308
M2021Fluid Mechanics308
MA1019Linear Algebra308
Sixth Semester 
Code CLU
CV2027Construction Costs308
CV3004Highway Engineering (Course with project)308
CV3005Foundations Engineering308
CV3006Hydraulics Laboratory034
CV3016Computer-aided Structural Analysis308
CV3017Concrete Structures Design308
Seventh Semester 
Code CLU
CV2016Construction Site Management308
CV2028Road Infrastructure Laboratory034
CV2029Sustainable water use laboratory034
CV2030Sustainable Water Use I308
CV3018Design of Steel Structures308
CV3019Water and Drainage Pipeline Networks (Course with project)308
HS2005Citizenship (Course with project)308
Eighth Semester 
Code CLU
AR3019Real-estate Projects (Course with project)308
CV2031Sustainable Water Use II308
CV3020Transport Infrastructure308
CV3021Structural Design Capstone Project (Course with project)308
VA2010Topics I308
VA2011Topics II308
Ninth Semester 
Code CLU
CV3007Hydraulic Constructions Works308
CV3022Business Management in the Construction Industry (Course with project)308
CV3023Construction Engineering308
CV3024Introduction to Professional Development202
HS2006Applied Ethics308
VA2012Topics III308
VA2013Topics IV308

Academic credits
C  Number of class hours per week
L  Number of laboratory hours or activities per week
U  Study hours that must be dedicated to the course (class hours included)