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  Course Consultation – Synthetics    
TC2006  Programming Languages  Versión en Español
Course in which it’s recommended to incorporate the use of information technologies.
CIP:  110101  Computer and Information Sciences, General.
C - L - U: 3 - 0 - 8       
Programs: 5 ISC05, 5 ISI05, 5 ITC05, 5 ITC08, 5 ISC08, 6 ITC09, 6 ISC09, 7 ITC11, 7 ISC11
Prerequisites: ( TC2003 and TC2001 ) or ( TC2020 and TC2017 )
Equivalences: CB00853
Course objective:
Upon completion of this course, students will be able to: identify the essential elements which constitute a programming language in order to develop the ability to learn new languages on their own; have a general perspective of different styles of programming, through the knowledge and application of some programming languages which are representative of the styles.
Suggested Bibliography:
* Scott, Michael Lee, Programming language pragmatics, , San Francisco : Morgan Kaufmann, California, 2000, eng, [1558604421 (encaudernado)],[1558605789 (rústica)]
* Friedman, Daniel P., Essentials of programming languages, 2nd ed., Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, Massachusetts, 2001, eng, [0262062178 (encuadernado : papel alcalino)]
* Kenneth C. Louden, PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES. PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE., Second Ed., Course Technology, , 2011, ,

* Dybvig, R. Kent., The scheme programming language, 3a ed., Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, Massachusetts, 2003, eng, [0262541483 (pbk. : alk. paper)]
* M. Ben-Ari, PRINCIPLES OF CONCURRENT AND DISTRIBUTED PROGRAMMING, Segunda Edición, Adisson Wesley, , 2006, ,

Academic credentials required to teach the course:
    · Areas in which the academic degree is required (do not refer names of programs):

Master Degree in Computational Sciences; Master Degree in Computer/Information Sciences; Master Degree in Artificial Intelligence/Robotics; Master Degree in Information Technology.; Doctoral Degree in Computational Sciences; Doctoral Degree in Computer/Information Sciences; Doctoral Degree in Artificial Intelligence/Robotics; Doctoral Degree in Information Technology.
CIP: 110701, 110101, 110102, 110103

    · Recommended Experience:

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